Strong Start Virtual Summit

Strong Start Virtual Summit

In Celebration of Early Intervention Day

Helping Children & Families Have a

In celebration of Early Intervention Day, The Warren Center is pleased to have presented our first annual Strong Start Virtual Summit! This recent summit took a focused look at common challenges faced by parents of children with special needs and gave practical steps to overcoming them. Industry experts took a deep dive into a number of topics including brain development, enhancing language and motor skills, dealing with challenging behaviors, and successful potty training.

Our keynote speaker was Fanbyte Head of Media, John Warren. Born with extremely low muscle tone, a neonatal specialist told John’s parents there was little hope for his survival. But survive he did! John shared how the commitment to a strong start changed the trajectory of his life.

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Join in on different sessions throughout the day:

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    The Growing Brain: Nurture Your Child’s Full Potential
    Adriana Villa Baird, M.S., LPC., IMH-E® (IV)

    Every interaction your child has with the world around them helps shape the way their brain develops. In this interactive session, you will learn specific ways to encourage your child to explore their environment and strategies that will help your child’s brain develop in healthy ways.


    “I can do it!”: Encouraging Independence during Bathtime and While Getting Dressed
    Sam Ewing, PT, DPT
    Jenna Zansler, OTR
    Emma Rivera, M.A. CCC-SLP

    This presentation will unravel the most common difficulties parents face when teaching their children to dress and bathe independently. You will learn how to make learning fun, what motor skills are needed,  and how to navigate safety concerns.


    The Mealtime Madness Breakthrough
    Maddie Trigg, M.S. CCC-SLP
    Meredith Wooley, M.S. CCC-SLP

    Mealtimes can be used for both feeding and for fun! In this session, you will learn how to create fun, motivating, and stress-free mealtime routines for your child and your family. In addition to making meals fun, you will also learn how to incorporate a variety of language strategies into your meal time routines.


    Happiness and Independence: How a Strong Start Paved the Way
    John Warren

    Born with extremely low muscle tone, a neonatal specialist told John’s parents there was little hope for his survival. As painful as this declaration was, they held on to hope and told themselves that death was not an option. John did survive and is now the Head of Media/Editor-at-Large at Fanbyte; a digital media company. In the session, John will share more of his incredible journey that all started with early intervention services.


    Secrets to Successful Potty Training
    Michael E. May, Ph.D. BCBA-D LBA

    You are not alone. For many parents, potty training is a complex and tiring task. A number of components can affect your child’s progression and retention of toileting independence. Nevertheless, do not fear! In this session, you will learn NEW tips and tricks that will lead your child to potty training victory!


    Transitions, Travel, and Tantrums, Oh MY! – Help for you. Peace for your child.
    Carmen Garcia BAAS, Bilingual EIS/SC-FQ
    Kayla Schlarb, M.A.

    Traveling and transitioning from one activity to another is a very common trigger for challenging behavior, especially for children with emotional or developmental challenges. Behaviors can take the form of resistance, avoidance, distraction, negotiation or a full-blown meltdown. In this session, you will discover ways to navigate the tantrums and bring on the calm.

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