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This year’s Strong Start Professional Series focused on the root of behavioral challenges in your young clients. Behavioral challenges can not only impact a child’s quality of life but also cause a great deal of stress for parents, caregivers, and therapists. These interactive sessions took a deep dive into learning how to get to the root cause of the behavior and effectively coaching caregivers, as well as discovering bio-medical approaches to treating maladaptive behaviors.

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Join us for two great sessions:

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    Root of Behavior
    Tara Wagner, BCBA, LBA

    Understanding the “why” behind someone’s behavior can maximize your effectiveness as a therapist and lead to better outcomes. We will talk about practical ways to prevent, minimize and respond to behavior challenges to make therapy sessions more successful and fun!

    Causes of Delays & Behaviors: An outside the box Approach to uncover common causes
    Sarah Campbell, MPAS, PA-C

    In this presentation, you will learn about common causes of developmental delays, behaviors and challenges that many children face that are not taught about in school and may be missed by pediatricians. You will learn common symptoms and triggers for each types of delays and behaviors, tips you can offer to help parents to begin their investigative journeys and simple supplement recommendations.

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