Causes of Delays & Behaviors


Causes of Delays & Behaviors: An outside the box Approach to uncover common causes
11:00am – 12:00pm

In this presentation, you will learn about common causes of developmental delays, behaviors and challenges that many children face that are not taught about in school and may be missed by pediatricians. You will learn common symptoms and triggers for each types of delays and behaviors, tips you can offer to help parents to begin their investigative journeys and simple supplement recommendations.


Sarah Campbell is a Physician Assistant trained in Functional Medicine. She specializes in treating adults with chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, and gut inflammation while also specializing in treating children with special needs using a Biomedical approach. Simply stated, Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of illness. Instead of throwing medications on various symptoms (which often creates new symptoms), Functional Medicine asks the question “why?” is the symptom there in the first place? Our goal is to assist the body in the healing process and removing factors that are hindering the body from achieving optimal wellness. Sarah has had the privilege of helping numerous families (including her own) navigate the root causes of developmental delays and behaviors which has resulted in tremendous improvements and outcomes.

Sarah Campbell, MPAS, PA-C