Fantasy Football Scoring

All scoring is done through an automated system and owners are not required to keep track of anything.  Points are awarded to an offensive player when the player is involved in a scoring play, using the following scoring system:

4 points – Throwing A Touchdown

6 points – Scoring a Touchdown

1 point – Kicking a Point After

3 points – Kicking a Field Goal

2 points – Throwing or Scoring a 2 pt Conversion

A team’s weekly starting lineup point total is computed from point totals of the team’s highest scoring quarterback (1), running backs (2), receivers (2), and kicker (1). Points scored by the remaining players of the team comprise the week’s bench point total.  League administration automatically determines each team’s starting lineup based on players’ performance for that week.  The remaining players comprise the bench for a particular week.  The starting lineup and bench may vary each week depending on which players score the greatest number of points.

Bye Week Scoring – Each team in the NFL has a bye week during the regular NFL season.  To ensure that all players have a scoring opportunity of the NFL season, a bye player will carry forward his prior week’s score.

Winning – The winning team for each game will be determined by the team with the most starter points, as calculated by the above rules. In the event of a tie, bench points will be used to break the tie. If both starter and bench points are equal, the contest will result in a tie. In the post season playoffs, a tie may not occur so a coin flip will be used to determine the winner in the event of a tie.

League Champion – The regular season concludes after game 9 of the NFL season and each league champion “table winner” will be determined based on the regular season win-loss-tie record. The league champion wins a Darren Woodson autographed football. If multiple teams have identical records, the following tie breaking procedure is utilized to determine a league’s champion…

1st tie breaker – Accumulated regular season starting player points
2nd tie breaker – Accumulated regular season bench player points

Head to Head Competition – The team who won the regular season meeting

Trades -Trades are not enabled until week 3. At that time, participants can make a $100 donation to The Warren Center per trade they wish to make. Make your donation on The Warren Center’s Fantasy Football website. You must make your trades AND pay for those trades by Sunday at noon.

Post Season Playoffs – The post season playoffs begin at week 10 of the regular NFL season. each league champion participates in the playoffs.  League champions participating in the league conference playoffs are seeded based on their regular season win-loss-tie records, starting player points, then bench player points.


The winner of each single elimination post season playoff game is determined using the scoring method discussed in Section I under rules.  The two conference champions will play in a single game in week 18 of the regular NFL season to determine the 2022 Fantasy Football Champion.


League Administration – A league commissioner oversees the operation of the Fantasy Football Leagues and has final authority on any question involving the interpretation or application of league rules.  Invalid rosters will be fixed at the discretion of the commissioner.


League rosters, schedules, and results will be posted on the web and will be available to review as soon after the draft as possible.  An email will be sent to all participants notifying them when the web page has been updated and then each week as results become available.


All errors in scoring, rosters or game results must be caught before the start of the following week’s competition.  No changes will be made to scores, rosters, or records after the start of the following week’s competition.