Sensory Processing Disorder

Address the unique needs of sensory processing disorder diagnosis using our online library. Whether stand-alone or as a co-occurrence with conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism, sensory processing issues can affect both independent activities as well as how a child interacts with others. Our resource library provides information on early childhood intervention for sensory issues that occur shortly after birth, during toddler years, or during formative years (up to age seven). We provide information on how to provide emotional support for tantrum or mood swings, how to help children adjust to chances in environment, and how to help children cope with unusually high or low noise thresholds. Because a child may be either over-sensitive or under-sensitive to noise or texture, we also provide tips on how to create a nurturing environment for each scenario. Learn about sensory integration therapy, sensory diets, and specialized occupational therapy to meet your child’s needs.