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Did you know that in our area parents who are need an Autism Assessment for their child have to wait 6-8 months, and sometimes up to 12 months, just to get an appointment.  That is one year of not knowing.  One year of not waiting!

But with your help, they don’t have to wait that long. The Warren Center is rolling out a pilot program in June to provide Autism Assessments for children in our community and you can help make that a reality.  
1 in 54 children have autism. Signs of autism tend to emerge when a child is between the ages of 2 and 3, though some children can present symptoms of autism as early as 1 year of age. Research has shown the earlier a child begins receiving needed services and therapies, the better.

That is why The Warren Center Autism Assessment Program is so important.

If we can shorten the wait time for that initial assessment appointment, a child can begin receiving life-changing treatment and therapies even earlier, which has a greater impact on their life.
Make your gift today and you will also become a member of the North Stars Community.

The North Stars community is a group of generous and caring individuals who light the way for children with disabilities. For the North Stars, it is more than just giving – it’s helping a child with special needs walk for the first time, talk for the first time, understand the complex world around them, and perform tasks many thought were impossible.

Our goal is to not turn any family away because of an inability to pay for therapy services.

The need is great but your heart for changing lives is greater

The Warren Center provides therapy and support for over 3,000 families every year. But, we need to do more – much more.

The CDC estimates one in six children have intellectual or physical disabilities or delays. In Dallas County alone, over 102,000 children have a developmental disability.
The period between birth to five years is a time of rapid development. The earliest possible intervention is critical due to the accelerated brain development during these early years of life. Early childhood intervention programs have been shown to yield benefits in academic achievement, behavior, educational progression and attainment, and labor market success.

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Every gift counts

$5 per month – Can help provide basic therapy essentials like books, crayons and bubbles

$10 per month – Can help provide specialized therapy materials like therapy wraps, special needs utensils and sensory equipment

$25 per month – Supports one therapy session a month

$50 per month – Supports two therapy sessions a month

$100 per month – Supports a full month of therapy services