Project Intake

The Warren Center Marketing Department develops and implements strategic communication plans in a variety of media, including advertising, community and media relations, design, photography, print publications, social media, videography, and web. To further the mission of The Warren Center, we also collaborate on qualifying projects initiated by internal departments, providing consulting, guidance, contractor contacts, project management, and creative services.

While we aim to provide professional and creative services for all agency communications, we must prioritize projects that further The Warren Center’s strategic plan.

Please fill out this project request and submit it to the Marketing Team. Complete the entire form, where applicable, before submitting.

For Client Spotlight Story Submissions, go here.

For Photo/Media Releases (English/Spanish), go here.

NOTE: Before filling out a marketing project request form, please make sure you have read and understood our project completion times. This does not include time for printing and mailing. In addition to this time, allow up to 10 business days for printing and for mailing when planning your project. The production schedule does not start until all content has been submitted, unless the Marketing Team will be creating/co-creating the content.

Please direct questions to Asriel Eford at x1126 or

This form will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Marketing Project Intake Form

  • General Information

  • Project Title
  • Department
  • Contact Name For Project
  • Email for Contact
  • Who Has Final Approval?
  • Project Information

  • Primary Project Type
  • Brief Project Description. What kind of materials do you need? Posters, flyer, brochure/program, other. Explain. Quantity?
  • What quantity do you estimate will be printed?
  • Is this a new project?
  • If update or redesign, when was it originally created?
  • Is this request part of a series or larger campaign?
  • If yes, please list the pieces you will need in your project.
  • If you are requesting a print project, do you also require photography, web, social media, and/or video support for this project?
  • How will this project be delivered? (e.g., any of the following: as a mailer sent by a printer, delivered to your office/department, via email, launched on the Web)
  • How will any copy be collected and generated?
  • If text and/or content is ready for use, please upload here.
  • Max. file size: 16 MB.
    Note: The Marketing department reserves the right to change wording to meet our Style Guide standards.
  • If this project is a reprint or update, please upload the most recent version here.
  • Max. file size: 16 MB.
  • If this is a revision, what changes need to be made? Please be specific.
  • Deadlines

  • Date project needs to be delivered
  • Note: The day this form is submitted does not mean the project time has started on the same day. Normally, most projects will commence once all material for the project has been received by Marketing. Please review our project completion times.
  • Audience / Communication Objectives

  • Who is your audience and what are your objectives?
  • Please let us know what other requirements would help make your project successful

What happens next?

A marketing team member will respond to your request within two business days by email or phone.
We will call to confirm the project request, to ask any questions, and to determine the optimal schedule to complete your project.

If necessary, we will set-up an initial meeting to discuss the scope of the project, to discern the most successful messaging to achieve your communications goals and to agree upon tasks and deadlines.