In-Person & Teletherapy Information

Limited In-Person Services & Evaluations

We are now providing in-person evaluations and therapy to those families for whom teletherapy is not working in both our Early Childhood Intervention (birth to three years old) and Therapy Services for Children (three to seven years old) programs!

We continue to encourage teletherapy as much as possible but realize it just doesn’t work for everyone. We continue in our commitment to ensuring that children with delays and disabilities and their families receive the hope and help they need while ensuring that everyone remains safe and healthy.

Our physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, developmental interventionists, dietitian and social workers continue to count it a privilege to serve your child.

Virtual Therapy Sessions

It is like FaceTime or Skype, just more secure and can be done through a tablet, computer or with your phone! We are using the WebEx platform for each session. Getting started is simple. Your therapist will send you an email; you click on it, follow the directions and presto! It works just like the other video chat methods you currently use to keep in touch with friends and family.


With teletherapy, your child can receive the convenient, quality therapy services they need from the comfort of your own homes.

The benefits:

  • Direct access to your therapist and service coordinator
  • Peace of mind
  • Continual education on how to help your child both therapeutically and in everyday situations
Teletherapy is a great option for your families – below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Is Teletherapy a good option for therapy services?

Listen to a few of our therapist tell you about virtual therapy and how it can benefit your family.


Abby, Physical Therapist – Testimonial 

Maddie, Speech Therapist – Testimonial 

Dalia, Early Intervention Specialist (en Español)


Will my insurance cover teletherapy services?

Major insurance companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, etc.) are reimbursing the same whether therapy is in person or via video/teletherapy, except for physical therapy.

Medicaid is reimbursing for all teletherapy at this time, including physical therapy.

Should you be receiving physical therapy services and have commercial insurance, feel free to reach out to our billing staff at 972.490.9055 if you have questions about how this will affect you.

How do other parents feel about their teletherapy experience?

Here are a few testimonials from parents currently receiving teletherapy services.

“When first presented with the idea of teletherapy for my son I was skeptical but decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did. He has responded so well to it! It’s as if Maddie is in the house with us like always. If possible, it may be more fun/beneficial for him because it’s new and different.”   – Sarah, mom, whose child is receiving speech therapy through teletherapy

“I have been enjoying the virtual speech and OT sessions offered by the Warren Center very much.  First of all, I have finally been able to see what my kids work on with the therapists.  It really gave me insight on how I can help better at home.  Also, I believe it is very special for the kids to still connect weekly with their therapists since they are limited now on who they can have contact with.  This allows them to maintain some normalcy in their life during this difficult time. Thank you for offering these virtual sessions!” – Liz, mom, whose child is receiving occupational therapy through teletherapy

“Although face to face is superior therapy, I don’t want to wait weeks for my son to get his therapy. Each time I’ve done teletherapy I’ve gained new exercises and techniques to try for my son. I don’t feel as though we aren’t missing too much and it helps me each week to keep my son’s therapy going.” – Elizabeth, mom, whose child is receiving physical therapy through teletherapy.

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