Transitions, Travel, and Tantrums, Oh MY!
Help for you. Peace for your child.
3:00pm – 3:45pm

Traveling and transitioning from one activity to another is a very common trigger for challenging behavior, especially for children with emotional or developmental challenges. Behaviors can take the form of resistance, avoidance, distraction, negotiation or a full-blown meltdown. In this session, you will discover ways to navigate the tantrums and bring on the calm.


Carmen has been with the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program in Texas for 11 years. Seven of those years were spent serving families in Laredo, Texas. She has been with ECI Metrocare in Dallas since 2018. Carmen has also served in the capacity of Early Intervention Specialist, and, most currently, as an Enrollment Specialist for the ECI program. She is bilingual in American English and Mexican Spanish. One interesting thing about Carmen is that she’s a huge fan of all sports! Carmen lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two children.
Carmen Garcia BAAS, Bilingual EIS/SC-FQ with ECI of Metrocare

Kayla recently moved to Dallas, Texas from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been with Metrocare at the Center for Children with Autism (CCAM) as a Behavior Support Fellow since February 2021. Kayla’s passion is working with individuals with Autism; she has been doing so for eight years as a Special Education Teacher and a Registered Behavior Technician in the clinical, school, and home-settings. When Kayla is not working you can find her on a baseball or soccer field with her two boys and two rescue dogs.
Kayla Schlarb, M.A., Behavior Support Fellow with the Center for Children with Autism at Metrocare