Spina Bifida

Use our comprehensive online database and library to help and support children who have received a spina bifida diagnosis. Although there is currently no known cure for spina bifida, there are a number of resources available to manage the condition and help mitigate complications. We provide information on physical and occupational therapy for spinal defects or curvature of the spinal cord, information on developmental delays (commonly related to walking or bladder control), and emotional support for children recovering from surgery and other common treatments. Since children with spina bifida usually require ongoing care, we provide tips and information on how to create safe zone or adapted home environment, tips on how to select hobbies to nurture you child’s natural talents, and special education on how to get the most out of rehabilitation. You can also find information on how to adjust to neurological conditions or how to create a special diet to benefit your child. With our resources, you can empower your child to live the well-adjusted and productive life that he or she deserves.