10 Reasons to #Give2Kids on North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, September 20, 2018! The Warren Center is very excited to be participating in the online giving event with our #Give2Kids campaign. Our goal this year is to raise 2000 hours of therapy for the children in our community who need our help. We also have a $25,000 match from an anonymous donor. So your donation is doubled. You can help a child receive life-changing therapy by donating to The Warren Center on September 20 through our donation page. Here are ten reasons to #Give2Kids on North Texas Giving Day.

10 Reasons to #Give2Kids:

1. I love you.

Meet Abe. As a toddler he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and nonverbal. He has been receiving therapy services at The Warren Center for over five years. The Warren Center therapists helped Abe transition from our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program to a special needs program with the public school system. He is now receiving Clinic Therapy Services and has been making great progress.  And with the help of his therapists, Abe’s mom Dina, was able to hear her son say “I love you” for the first time.


2. We don’t turn a family away for their inability to pay.

Meet Ryan. He receives bilingual speech therapy services at The Warren Center for his Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder. He has been making great progress during his clinic therapy sessions. However, his mom became worried that she would not be able to continue services because of financial difficulty. So The Warren Center stepped in and provided a scholarship for Ryan’s therapy.


3. We travel across 48 zip codes to give life-changing therapy.

Meet Nora and her early intervention specialist Tina! Nora receives Specialized Skills Training through The Warren Center’s Early Childhood Intervention program. Tina has been working with Nora and her teachers at her daycare to incorporate following directions and modeling phrases into the class routine.  In the beginning, Nora’s main word was “No” and she had trouble following directions. Now, with the help of Tina, her family and teachers, she is using over 50 words and is putting two-word phrases together.


4. Because every parent wants to hear their child’s voice.

Meet Nicholas. When he started therapy services at The Warren Center, he was very timed around strangers and only used three words. Now, with the help from his therapist Tina, he is using approximately 50 words and his beautiful voice is not only heard at home, but around strangers as well. Watch the video above to hear Nicholas say one of his new word, “bubbles”.


5. We help children explore a sensational world.

Meet Scarlett. She has Epilepsy and shows severe tactile defensiveness, which is a sensitivity to touch or being touched. In the beginning of her therapy services at The Warren Center, Scarlett avoided touching food, most objects and she did not want anything in her hands. With the help of her therapists, she is now starting to accept some sensory activities and can momentarily hold objects in her hands.


6. We help children lift their heads and see their world.

Meet Olivia. She was diagnosed with Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) and Cerebral palsy. When Olivia started therapy services through The Warren Center’s Early Childhood Intervention program, she was unable to lift her head up or bring her hand to her mouth. Now, with the help of her therapists and the coaching that Olivia’s family is receiving, she can lift her head up for more than a minute when she’s playing on her tummy and in supported sitting. She can also bring her hand or a toy to her mouth.


7. We help parents bond with their children.

Meet Christopher. In the beginning of his therapy services at The Warren Center, Christopher struggled with behavior issues. His Mom was overwhelmed and didn’t know the importance of play in building a healthy relationship with her son. So The Warren Center’s social work team provided support for his mom and help her learn strategies to address his behavior. With the help of Christopher’s social worker, Barbara, his mom has followed through with the recommended strategies. As a result, her relationship with Christopher has blossomed, his behavior has improved and they play together often.


8. Because we help children shine.

Meet Constance. She was born with Cranial Facial Syndrome. Since she was 2 months old, she has endured many surgeries on her ears, eyes, head, and mouth and will until she is 18. Constance received therapy services through The Warren Center’s Early Childhood Intervention program.  In addition to seeing her twice a week, The Warren Center therapists always equipped her parents with the necessary tools to teach Constance on the days that they didn’t meet. As a result, she is able to utilize her hands effectively and her speech improved.


9. We give children the courage to move their body.

Meet Jonael. He has Down Syndrome and received physical therapy and Specialized Skills Training through The Warren Center’s Early Childhood Intervention(ECI) program. When Jonael first started therapy services, he was not able to support his head. Now, with the help he received from The Warren Center’s therapists, he is able to army crawl and move his entire body.


10.  Because no limitation can stop a child from reaching their full potential.

Meet Scotty. He was diagnosed with Phocomelia, which is a deformity of the limbs. He received therapy services through The Warren Center’s Early Childhood Intervention program. In the beginning Scotty was unable to move and associated therapy exercises with pain. His therapists at The Warren Center used everyday items to help him participate in a variety of activities, like using a binder clip to blow bubbles in the video below! Scotty is now more independent, vocal and has the skills to be successful in a variety of environments.

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