Our resource library provides extensive information communication developmental delays. Many parents and educators express concern when children have not reached expected milestones in language, speech, and communication. Find resources to understand why a child may have a speech or communication developmental delay and learn how to help. Our guides provide overviews as well as tailored steps to help your child reach his or her full potential.

For example, we provide information on receptive language disorders in which children have trouble taking in, understanding, or interpreting the words spoken to them. A child with a receptive language disorder may have trouble staying focused in school or following directions while at home. This condition may affect a child’s ability to identity colors, body parts, shapes, and affect the child’s overall quality of life. Our resources can help you tackle this issue early. Similarly, other important communication delays we discuss are expressive language disorders, helping explain why some may have reduced vocabulary for their age and offering hope. In addition to receptive-expressive disorders, we also provide resources on oral motor problems or delays in general speech production.